The Magic of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Every woman around the globe has that “Cinderella” in them. Even their looks are ordinary; they wanted to become the next beautiful princess in the eyes of their prince charming. Like in one of the several stories around the world, any ugly duckling can change into a beautiful swan; not because of her fairy godmother’s swish of the wand, but because of the skilled cosmetic surgeon who made her wish come true.

Did you know that in 2016, there were 17.1 million of surgical, less-invasive, and non-surgical cosmetic procedures that were performed in the United States? Also, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeon, most of these procedures focused on fat and face reconstructive surgery. Thus, with such statistics, it suggests that there are several men and women who trust the magic of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in improving their looks. But what motivates women to undergo cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in the first place?

With over millions of women who undergo cosmetic surgery every day around the globe, it is a fact that several of them wanted to change their features to boost up their confidence to help them face a demanding world. However, not all of them wanted to change their features just for the sake of being beautiful, some of them undergo cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for the following reasons:

  • Due to cancer

Women who are survivors of breast cancer often resolve to reconstructive breast surgery to rebuild their breast after mastectomy.

  • Due to birth defects

This is one of the most known reasons why a reconstructive surgery is needed. This is essential for those who are affected by birth defects such as cleft lip and palate and other deformities that can be managed by reconstructive surgery.

  • Due to unforeseen accidents

Some mishaps may result to scar formations and deformities like burns. Through a reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, the person’s confidence will be restored once again.

  • To lose massive weight

Liposuction and tummy tuck are common not only for women who seeks for easy massive reduction of weight but also for mothers who are unable to return to their original weight. Also, through cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, the excess skin from massive weight loss is easily corrected without risking the patient’s health and body.

Whatever reasons there may be, it is also important for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery patients to know if their health care providers offer safe and quality health care services. For instance, the Plastic Surgeon Tampa is one of those plastic surgery experts who offer quality medical care to their patients, especially when it comes to holistic patient care. Remember, there are several questionable medical groups or clinic out there that can put anyone’s health at risk; thus, it is important to become cautious and find the most reputable cosmetic surgeon to make that beautiful transformation.

The truth about cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is that it not only to make people beautiful outside but it also enhances their confidence inside. Also, the concept of such procedure is not to change someone’s personality but to enhance what they already have to make them even better.


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